Biodynamic Spelt Flour (1kg)


Our 100% wholegrain spelt flour has a nutty and slightly sweet flavour.

Grown and harvested on our Aura-Soma Demeter-certified biodynamic Shire Farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Spelt contains about 58% carbohydrates, 17% protein and 3% fat. It has a low glyc Spelt, an ancient relative of modern wheat, has a fragile gluten structure that is more water-soluble than modern strains, making it easier to digest. Many people with an allergy or mild wheat intolerance find they can tolerate spelt.

At Shire Farm we passionately care about what we plant and grow so that the crops grown on our farm can nourish and sustain us on all levels.  Plants grown using biodynamic methods have more vitality and a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials produced from them. Embracing this holistic approach from our farming through to creating the spelt and flax products enhances our philosophy - look after the soil, feed the body, nourish the soul.

Nutritional Information

(typical values for 100g)

Energy 1400kj/330kcal

Protein 13.3g

Carbohydrates 63.6g

of which sugars 1.3g

Fat 2.5g

of which saturates 0.4g

Fibre 8.5g

Sodium 0.05g

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