Meet our farmers

Those of us who work on Shire Farm have been deeply affected by the beauty and forces of the land.

It’s the passionate people who care deeply for the land that make Shire Farm the place it is – a vibrantly healthy, self-regulating, richly biodiverse ecosystem and a boon to the local community.

Farm Estates Manager Malcolm Robinson has been managing Shire Farm and helping it flourish with his tireless commitment and wisdom for over five years. The tending to our flock of Zwartbles sheep lies in the capable hands of Ray Fox, while John Cook takes good care of our Dexter cattle as well as doing much of the land work.

Demeter Certification is a great achievement which we continue to experience daily in the enriched life of the soil when we plough and cultivate the land and in the lush crops growing in the fields

Malcolm Robinson, Farm Estates Manager

There’s never a dull day on Shire Farm and we have much to get on with at any time of the year. Sowing, harvesting and keeping our crops happy always gives us plenty to do, while during the lambing season our fluffy bundles of mischief keep us very busy indeed! Then there’s the sometimes less-than-perfect weather in the Lincolnshire Wolds, throwing its own challenges into the mix and keeping us on our toes. We love every moment and feel proud of the land that responds to our loving care with such vitality and abundance.

It’s a true soil to soul process

Malcolm Robinson, Farm Estates Manager

If you have any questions for Malcolm about Shire Farm or biodynamic farming, please fill in the form on the contact us page and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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